[How to pickle sweet garlic]_Pickled sweet garlic_How to pickle_How to pickle

[How to pickle sweet garlic]_Pickled sweet garlic_How to pickle_How to pickle

Those who come to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai will have the opportunity to taste the famous local side dish-sugar garlic.

Sugar garlic uses the simplest garlic as a raw material, and it is flavored with a unique marinating method.

In the process of making garlic into sugar garlic, the nutrients are well stimulated. Therefore, the value of sugar garlic is very high. There are certain ways to marinate sugar garlic.

First, prepare 5 kg of fresh garlic, 1 kg of sugar, 500 g of salt, 500 g of vinegar, 3 and a half pounds of water, and garlic treatment 1. Prepare garlic, remove the whiskers, and peel the skin.

2. Soak the peeled and peeled garlic in water for 3 days, and change the water 2 or 3 times a day to remove the odor of garlic.

3. Remove the soaked garlic and drain the water for later use.

4, put the garlic in the container, sprinkle a layer of garlic and a layer of salt, turn it once a day.

5. Pickle the garlic on the fourth day, drain, and dry.

Third, the sugar and garlic sauce prepared 1, add 3 and a half pounds of water to the pot.

2, add sugar, vinegar and boil.

3. After boiling, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Fourth, the marinating of sugar and garlic Step 1, pour the cold sauce into the jar of garlic, no garlic.

2, sealed, pickled and eaten for a month.

Fifth, sugar and garlic nutrition knowledge introduction 1. Pickled sugar and garlic are fresh but not spicy, sour and sweet, and there will be no garlic in the mouth after eating.

2. The marinated garlic has reduced the spicy taste and the hotness has been alleviated.

3. Sugar and garlic can remove greasiness, and can also promote human digestion and absorption.

4. Garlic water marinated with sugar and garlic can also cure children’s long cough.

6. Precautions for Edible Sugar Garlic 1. Avoid eating sugar mango with mango so as not to induce jaundice.

2. Sugar garlic is generally not eaten with tonics.