Weigui raises 7 dietary treatments to drive away old stomach problems

Weigui raises 7 dietary treatments to drive away old stomach problems

The pace of modern life is accelerating, people’s diet is becoming more and more irregular, and the incidence of stomach disorders is increasing.

As the saying goes, “Stomach is expensive”, in addition to the use of drugs, diet treatment is also important for people with stomach problems.

The following editors recommend seven recipes for nourishing the stomach: milk porridge ingredients: 100 grams of rice, 500 grams of milk Preparation method: the rice is washed, boiled with water and boiled, and then cooked with low fire to make porridge, stir into milkContinue cooking on low heat for about 40-50 minutes.

Can be eaten directly or with sugar or salt depending on taste.

  Efficacy: nourishing Qi and nourishing stomach and muscles.

  Adaptation: suitable for gastrointestinal disorders of shortness of breath and yin, namely shortness of breath, fatigue, dry mouth, internal heat, and patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

  Ingredients for double fish soup: 100 grams of Maw, 100 grams of Fresh Houttuynia. Preparation method: Soak the Maw for half a day, cut into filaments, add 1500 ml of water, and boil over low heat for about 50 minutes, then add freshHouttuynia cordata can be rolled for 10 minutes.

  Effect: Qingweishengji analgesic.

  Adaptation: Patients with stomach fever, that is, patients who often feel a burning sensation in the stomach, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused by heat.

  Ingredients for pepper pork belly soup: one fresh pork belly, 15 grams of white pepper. Method: break the pepper, put it into the cleaned pork belly, tie the pork belly with a string, put it in a casserole, and cook slowly until soft.Add seasoning ravioli to the soup, pick up the pork belly, discard the pepper in the belly, and eat the soup.

  Efficacy: Wenzhong Jianpi, and stomach pain.

  Adaptation: Patients with cold stomach, such as those who often have diarrhea due to eating cold food.

  Ingredients for nourishing stomach bergamot porridge: bergamot citrus 10-15 grams, previous rice 50-100 gram, rock sugar moderation method: remove bergamot decoction, add rice, and boil sugar syrup to make porridge.

  Adaptation: Patients with liver stagnation and bloating.

  Ingredients of Cordyceps Lily Duck Soup: 3 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 25 grams of Lily, 100 grams of duck meat. Method: Stew duck meat for 30 minutes, then add Cordyceps sinensis and lily for 20 minutes. Season the soup and eat Cordyceps and duck meat.
  Efficacy: strengthen the spleen and stomach, and nourish the lungs and kidneys.

  Adaptation: Patients with weak spleen and stomach, insufficient lungs and kidneys, and weak vitality.

  Ingredients for fresh reed root porridge: 100 grams of fresh reed root, 5 grams of green peel, 100 grams of rice, 2 slices of ginger.

  Method: After washing the fresh reed root, cut it into one-centimeter-long thin sections, put it into the pot with the green peel, add an appropriate amount of cold water, soak for 30 minutes, boil on the fire, and cook for 20 minutes on a modified fire.

Remove the medicine residue, add the washed rice, cook until the rice blooms, add ginger, and cook for a while. Warmly take 2 times a day.

  Efficacy: Reed root clears heat and nourishes, Qingpi Xingqi relieves pain, ginger and stomach stop vomiting, rice nourishes stomach and spleen.

The above medicines are compatible with each other and have the effect of releasing fever and stomach, nourishing yin and relieving pain.

  Ingredients of Yipi cake: 250 grams of jujube meat, 60 grams of chicken internal gold, 120 grams of atractylodes, 60 grams of dried ginger powder.

  Method: Wash the chicken’s internal gold and atractylodes root, dry it with simmering heat, grind it into fines, add dried ginger powder and jujube meat, mash it together to make a small cake, and bake in the oven for 10 minutes.
  Efficacy: Jujube is sweet, can warm the spleen, nourish qi and nourish blood.

Modern medicine has proven that jujube pigment protein and vitamin C, protein is the raw material of vitamins that are impossible for ulcer wound repair; vitamin C can enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

Chicken Jin Jin astringent and flat, can stomach and digestion.

Atractylodes nourish the spleen and qi, dry dampness and water.

Looking at the whole prescription, it has the functions of nourishing the spleen and warming the stomach and digesting food.