How deep is your skin poisoning?


How deep is your skin poisoning?

Core tip: In the four-month spring season, skin whiteness is what we desire to have, but if you find that no matter what whitening products are used, no matter how eye cream is applied, the skin will still appear dark yellow and sub-healthy.

At this time, your skin needs detoxification.

  Does your skin need detoxification?

  1, work pressure is particularly high, often work overtime and stay up late.

  2. Recently, the race has deepened, not healthy wheat grains, or faint tan.

  3, early in the mirror and found that the skin is not shiny, very obscure.

  4. Previous colleagues have said that you seem to be stunned a lot.

  5, three meals from time to time, mostly takeaway or fast food.

  6, the weather is not so hot, and the flexible oil output situation has intensified.

  7, acne and acne on the forehead and chin.

  8. Regular spot color becomes heavy.

  9, the skin is dry and rough, feels bad to the touch.

  10, skin resistance is reduced, it is easy to be allergic.

  11, the corners of the eyes and mouth have fine lines.

  12, dark circles and bags under the eyes are unsolicited, and even use eye cream sooner or later.

  More than 12 skin toxin tests. If your results are below 4, it means that there is no worry about detoxification of the skin. If the results are 4-8, it means that your skin needs detoxification. If the results are 8-12, it means your skin is poisoned.It is deep and the skin urgently needs detoxification.

  Why does the skin produce toxins?

  You have to understand that our skin is the largest organ of the human body and the largest respiratory system.

However, 30% of the toxins metabolized by our body are excreted through the skin, so poor detoxification of your skin directly affects your skin condition.

  Our skin toxic babies metabolize normal, smooth and delicate skin. Due to the daily habits and incorrect maintenance methods, it will cause the detoxification of your skin to be replaced. The accumulated melanin and waste will eventually generate free radicals and eventually cause skinVarious problems arose.

  The use of golden sleep time for toxins accumulated in the body and the skin, all stem from the metabolic disorder caused by non-prolonged sleep, and the lack of consciousness disrupts the detox schedule. Therefore, the accumulation of a sleep state that can help the skin to eliminate toxins.

  If you are staying up late, please try to consider for your body so that you can go to bed early and get up early. If you have obvious problems with the quality of your sleep, you can order soothing aromatherapy essential oils before going to bed, or use essential oils for skincare while bathingProducts, relax and soothe the nerves to be able to present the expected sleep state.

  Massage improves the microcirculation By massaging the lymph, it can improve the effect of microcirculation. Good microcirculation can help the skin to open the channels and let the toxins be discharged more smoothly.

  Here are the massage steps summarized by the editor: 1. Use the power of the thumb to gently knead and insert from top to bottom, which can quickly detoxify the lymph.

  2. Press the temple with your thumb, and gently rub your face with both hands.

  3, the eye corners on the thumb, the tiger’s mouth to hold the eye area, press gently, can promote skin metabolism around the eye.

  4. Use the strength of the finger joints to massage from the ear to the chin in order to accelerate the lymphatic circulation.

  I believe that the power of food, whether it is TCM nursing care or Western medicine dermatology, is advocating a common concept, that is, skin care methods of internal adjustment + external treatment.

Through the effect of internal food intake and external skin care products, the skin is completely improved.

  The same is true for detoxification of the skin. If the daily intake of food has different degrees of detoxification, it is believed that it only has a great effect on the skin and the body.

  When ingesting food, the beauty herbal teas have detoxifying and purifying effects to varying degrees. At the same time, fruits and vegetables such as spinach, small amounts of rice, grapes and so on are usually taken.

At the same time, clean water is the best detoxification and purification product. You must ensure that 8 cups of water are injected daily to completely improve the microcirculation and toxins will no longer accumulate.