Eight kinds of men can’t be good husbands


Eight kinds of men can’t be good husbands


Men with severe oedipal emotions can be said to be psychologically connected to their mother’s umbilical cord, so they will still be their mothers when they grow up.

This type of mother also often interferes with her son’s life, even if the son doesn’t live in the same place after marriage (in most cases, such men are willing to live with their mother), it will also cause remote control, which makes the daughter-in-law annoying.

  These men often grow up under the love of their mothers, their appearance may not be bad (please do n’t care too much about appearance), and they can move forward when they are smooth, but once they are interrupted, they immediately show the weakness of lack of true independence will and endurance, The ability to respond quickly was so poor that it collapsed across the board.

  In the process of love, when judging things, if your boyfriend always mentions his mother, and based on his point of view, then you have to be careful.

Living with this kind of man, you will feel very miserable and dissatisfied (if your mother-in-law relationship is not good, you can see it).

On the contrary, if a man has no love for his mother and does not know how to honor his parents, then you cannot live with him.

Kinds of people are cold and ruthless, and treating your wife as a plaything is more than you can bear.


Zhida Caishu category men are pretentious, so high, and have no actual talent.

He talks loudly and flaunts himself. With a little achievement, he is complacent and talks everywhere.

In essence, it lacks a stable temperament and appears ethereal, which makes people lack trust in him.

Women live with him for a long time, they must be disappointed; nonsense, even disgusting.

Kinds of men don’t make much of a lifetime.


A typical man with a broken heart and chest regards a woman as his possession, and his wife will thunder with a little contact with the opposite sex. Regardless of his wife’s personality, he is very suspicious.

Over time, it is unbearable.


Psychologically dark, typical men speak hypocrisy and hypocrisy. Outsiders don’t think it’s too bad for them. They point out that they are cruel and intolerant. For the purpose, they can use mean methods instead of shame.

Base your happiness on the suffering of civilians; those who are out of balance will force their wives to do things that violate scientific research.

Living with such a person, the woman who sees through his heart will feel that the life is dark and terrible, the crisis is perilous, and the heart is covered with shadows, which cannot be erased for life.


Weak personality typical men are timid and do nothing.

Look down on others, make his wife feel dumb, and can’t look up in front of others.

Over time, his wife will be dissatisfied.

Regrets this marriage, gradually becoming disoriented, will inevitably lead to family breakdown.


A man with distiller’s grains who has a bad hobby and repeatedly persuaded him to prove that this person has poor self-control, lacks sense, and is easy to manipulate for others or the environment.

This kind of person has a gentle respect for his wife’s natural property because they even forget his wife’s existence when they like it.

These men tend to be irritable, aggressive, and love to use coercion to dominate others.

The immature character also caused a strong feeling of inferiority and insecurity deep in his heart, but on the outside he shouted and shuffled his hands.

Being a wife of this kind of person often not only cannot feel love, but also will be humiliated and sad.


A typical man who behaves frivolously looks at the relationship between men and women very casually, especially when it comes to beauties. After catching up, he will quickly think about changing the taste of the next one.

A certain type of problem has appeared during dating, and it is even more conceivable after marriage.

Unless you also agree with him (but some men are the most forgiving of their wives’ behavior, even if they are slightly excessive, such men’s words and actions are despicable), you can’t stand his wandering actionsWill quarrel, that is, do not expect peace and harmony.


Excessive hard work, hard work and thrift should be, but when you really need to use it, you do n’t need to spend money, and you have tight control over everything, that is to go to extremes and become excessive.
If a man is so in love, it will be even worse after marriage. Unless you have the same sexuality, it will definitely cause contradictions, and the sense of happiness in marriage will never be mentioned.