How should housework otaku exercise

How should housework otaku exercise

If I stay at home all day, I have absolutely no chance to build a strong muscle?

A man who likes to clean up the house for housework must not be man enough?

Who said this?


Do you know that in the life of the otaku, there are hidden and endless fitness mysteries!

  As long as you pay attention to the details of your life, let alone train your bodybuilding muscles, sum up and summarize your experience, and write this “Fitness Collection” is not empty talk.

  Morning Paper: Let the breakfast omelette help you.

  Make an omelette for yourself at breakfast, pick up a small frying pan with one arm, and catch the little omelette without any errors. What a cool and handsome action!

As you do this, your legs need to be extended separately, your waist is straight, and your arms are working out. Day after day, unintentionally, the tight forearms and leg muscles are completed.

  Brushing the bowl can also brush out the lumbar abs and thighs!

  Remember to wash the dishes at the end of each night. Don’t forget that the housework otaku must have a diligent and clean side.

When brushing the bowl, please choose a stance that will lower your height, straighten your waist, and exert your thighs.

This not only avoids the low pool, but also avoids the sequelae of back muscle pain caused by humpback, and also strengthens the muscle endurance of your thigh muscles and lumbar abdomen muscles.

  Afternoon: Intermission, please rub the ground by the way.

  Don’t underestimate the floor, use a rag or a mop, no matter what method or tool you use, your arms, waist, thighs and calves . all have to work hard.

However, we still recommend that you use a rag, because you can stretch your legs while kneeling on the floor, which can effectively help extend muscle lines.

Keep the ground clean while working out and earn!

  The sofa is not just for your butt.

  The sofa is for sitting, yes.

The sofa is just for sitting, big mistake!

There are countless fitness exercises you can do on the sofa.

When watching TV on your side, you can do thigh lifting exercises and tighten your thighs instead of excess meat.

You can do sit-ups while lying on your back to tighten your abdomen.

When leaning against a book, you can lie flat on the sofa with one leg and do side stretch training to stretch your muscles . as long as you are willing to do it, the sofa will help you without hesitation.

  For your legs and arms, please go shopping.

  It’s time to prepare for dinner!

Don’t plan to use advanced technology lazily anymore, what an environmentally friendly and healthy move to go shopping on foot.

Breathe in the fresh air while basking in the sun, and refresh your spirits while exercising.

Walking 20 minutes a day can give a gentle and soothing exercise to the whole body’s muscle tissue. In addition to holding fruits and vegetables in hand, the biceps are also beckoning to you.

  Evening: Don’t forget to exercise before bed, we are referring to solo exercises.

  There are many types of exercise on the bed. This time we are talking about the most effective type of single training. Please stop prostitution.

First, lie on the side on the bed, with one arm bent to support the body, legs close together, and feet hard to keep the body balanced.

Lift your waist slowly, with your body straight up.

Repeat this action 10 times to switch directions.

This action can quickly and effectively tighten the abdomen and back muscles, so that your waistline shrinks in a short time and has a charming abs.