[How to make buns with noodles]_ buns_how to do_how to do

[How to make buns with noodles]_ buns_how to do_how to do

Making something delicious early in the morning is an important starting point for people to start a new life. What to eat early depends on the customs of each place. However, eating buns in the morning is popular all over the country. Even many families still like to make their own bun, The practice of buns is not reduced, of which noodles is a more important step. Let ‘s take a look at how to make buns and noodles.

Making buns and noodles requires the following methods to be more appropriate: 1.

When baking the dough, it is advisable that the water temperature of the dough is not hot (preferably not more than 35 tons), the water temperature must not be too high, because the water temperature is too high, the fermentation yeast loses its activity and the dough fermentation fails; 2.

The length of time required for fermentation has a great relationship with the external temperature.

The higher the temperature, the shorter the time required for fermentation; otherwise, it takes longer.

The temperature is high in summer, and the dough can be fermented at room temperature.

In winter, keep the dough in a warm place.

For example, in the north, the container with built-in dough can be placed next to the oven, and in the south, you can use a pot to cook a pot of warm water, soak the container with built-in dough in warm water, and then cover the pot lid, which can also replace the fermentation time; 3.

Our simple method for judging whether the dough is fermented is as follows: Dip your fingers into the flour and insert it into the dough. After the fingers are pulled out, the dough around the fingerprint does not rebound or sink, indicating that the fermentation is just right;; If the dough around the fingerprints sinks quickly, the dough is overfermented.

First, when the dough is fermented to a double volume and the dough is covered with small cell holes, it indicates that the dough has been fermented.