[How to cook instant noodles]_Instant noodles_Nutrition and diet_Making methods

[How to cook instant noodles]_Instant noodles_Nutrition and diet_Making methods

Everyone already eats instant noodles. Instant noodles are one of the more common foods. Because of the convenience of eating, they are more popular among young people.When talking about instant noodles, they can be paired with an alternative way of eating. It is more common to add ham sausage vegetables or dumplings to different instant noodle dishes.

Ingredients for instant noodles: instant noodles, ham sausage, vegetables, quick-frozen ravioli practices: 1, a pack of any instant noodles of your favorite taste, frozen small ravioli, a few green vegetables.

2. Soak the instant noodles with boiling water and pour the water away.

3. Cook the ravioli first.

4. Put the instant noodles in again.

5. Add seasoning.

6. Add the washed spinach.

7. Add the sliced ham.

8. Cook it.

Ingredients for fried instant noodles: a pack of instant noodles, 100g of green bean sprouts, 100g of cabbage, 50g of carrots, one egg, and a few garlic cloves.

Peanut oil content, onion segments, ginger slices.

Method: Heat a small amount of oil in the pan, beat in an egg, stir-fry until slightly solidified, and spit out. Do not fry.


Add some more oil, put the onion ginger shabu-shabu, add the green bean sprouts, stir-fry the cabbage and carrots, and pour in the boiling water (because the fried noodles should not be too much water).


Add noodles and seasonings, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.

Add the scrambled eggs and mix well.

Add the garlic and turn off the heat and mix well.