[Can whey protein powder lose weight?

】 _Slimming_Function

[Can whey protein powder lose weight?
】 _Slimming_Function

There are many types of protein powder on the market, but everyone eats protein powder for different purposes. Some people use protein powder to supplement nutrition, some people eat protein powder to supplement protein during weight loss, some people eat protein powder to gain muscle, etc., Because each person’s purpose is different, we must choose the right type of protein powder, so if eating whey protein powder, will it help to lose weight?

Can whey protein powder lose weight?
What is protein powder: The so-called protein powder generally uses purified soy protein, casein, whey protein (lacking isoleucine), pea protein, or a combination of these proteins (such as soy protein, whey protein, andA complex protein consisting of pea protein, a powder), whose purpose is to supplement protein for people who lack protein.

Weight loss principle 1.

Generally, the average protein content is 90%. High-purity soy protein can promote the secretion of glucagon and promote the human body to use the feces stored in the body to provide energy;

To ensure the supply of wealth of protein, the body’s main life activities are inseparable from protein, so that aunts who lose weight, muscle tissue will not be affected.

Is it really good to rely on protein powder to lose weight? “High protein diet” has been widely spread.

The core of this weight loss method is to only eat protein foods such as protein powder and not to eat aunts and sugars.

This can cause excessive protein deficiency, severe deficiency of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber supplements.

In the long run, it will cause anemia and malnutrition, and it is likely that the body will be injured before losing weight.

Four types of people who can eat protein powder1.

Injuries, burns, large skin ulcers, infections, major surgical operations, and other patients in certain disease states are at a critical period of physical recovery, and proteins in the body are in a severely reduced state.


Special patients suffer from anorexia nervosa, indigestion, and small intestinal malabsorption. They have insufficient protein absorption or absorption.


In some special periods, some pregnant women and nursing mothers need more protein in their diet. In addition, some elderly people who have weak nitrate tract function and eat less may have insufficient protein replacement.


Professional fitness people and athletes Professional fitness people and athletes consume a lot of sports. They can take protein powder properly under the guidance of a sports nutritionist according to their exercise situation.